Raku Sculpture


picture of raku sculpture vessel

This particular design is inspired by the many beautiful photos sent back from the Hubble in space. I’ve always felt that the raku process often produces some of the same ethereal visuals seen in nebulae far away from earth.

Following are some examples of raku sculpture.  I call them “sculpture vessels”. All are hand-made and no two are ever identical though various motifs can be used with them. I hold a Visual Artist’s Copyright on this particular form as it is unique to me and my work.

To view current works available for sale, please visit www.etsy.com/shop/Raku4u






picture of sculpture vessel with dragonflies

The dragonflies on this vessel were originally hand sculpted by myself then a plaster press mold was made so I could use multiples of them. the leaf was made from a thin slab of clay and applied when the vessel was still damp.

picture of raku sculpture vessel with grapes

This dramatic version has a Tuscan theme with grape clusters, grape leaves and a grapevine on the front.



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