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picture of raku artist lynne anderson with oval raku wall piece

This is one of my larger raku wall pieces. It can hang either vertically or horizontally and sure is an eye catcher!

Are you captivated by the rich, metallic, rainbow iridescent hues of raku pottery? Then you and I have a great deal in common!

My Raku Ceramic Art is on display and may be purchased at: ETSY (online) www.etsy.com/shop/Raku4u and THE MARBLE GALLERY in Marble, CO! For all of you raku enthusiasts on the Front Range in Colorado, some of my Raku Art is also being carried by ALPENGLOW IMAGES & ACCENTS in Estes Park, Colorado.

I’m Lynne Anderson, Ceramic Artist; specializing in the Raku Firing Process since 1998. The moment I knew that Raku was a passion for me, I set my sights on perfecting the form of my vases and pottery; that they would have a grace and elegance to be the ‘canvas’ for the colorful raku glazes.

In addition, I wanted to create truly unique Raku wall pieces for distinctive home decor. I’ve picture of desert prayer wall artalways loved mixed media and many of my wall art pieces are a reflection of this… often containing mixed fibers, copper wire embellishment, metallic threads, turquoise beads, feathers and anything else I think might complement the work!

For more than a decade, my husband, business partner and ‘firemeister’ Robert Leuallen & I traveled throughout a multi-state region to display and sell Raku Ceramic Pieces at juried Fine Art Shows. Many awards and honors were given in recognition of my achievements with Raku!

picture of iridescent raku vase with guardian horse image

This iridescent raku vase which bears the image of what I call the “Guardian Horse” is in homage to my first horse who was something of a protector of me when I was quite young!

Vases seem to be a popular item among my patrons and customers. This one has beautiful coloration along with the stylized horse image for additional interest.








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